Visualizing Community-Centered Disaster Mitigation
Created infographics to show the co-design process between visual communicators and subject matter experts to better develop resilience in the face of natural disasters caused by climate change for the Shimberg project's National Science Foundation Grant proposal. 

To design these infographics, I started sketching the process of the project I did in Fall 2020 with Alejandra Silva in our research and practice course at the University of Florida for Project Youthbuild. A social media campaign with the concept of transformation. I also sketched for the project that the Mint studio at the University of Florida created for Project Youthbuild to design their identities. The aim of the project was to show how we, as visual communicators collaborate with organizations to help vulnerable communities. To display the process of co-design, I tried to employ human characters together and add some main elements to the project. I used the website Blush to design the characters. I purchased one of their plans to download the characters in SVG format. So, I could make changes to them based on my design’s needs. I also designed an infographic to visualize the Shimberg project process. 
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