Local Lettermark| Typography 1 Letterform
Gather a personal library of inspiring letterforms, then use these as a springboard to design a lettermark for an imaginary local start-up or small business. Add typography (to spell out the business name) and color.
Process steps summary
Explore the letterforms of Gainesville (or your current city). Collect 12+ photographic examples of local, vernacular letterforms and analyze what makes them unique. 
Upload the images from your library according to instructions for the collaborative photo book/blog.
Working with an assigned or selected letterform and business category, specify a concept for a local small business with a specialized product/service and a niche audience. (Example: a "groceries" business assigned the letter G could be an organic Community Supported Agriculture program named Green share.) 
Annotate your image library with an eye toward developing your concept. What's inspiring, useful, relevant, or helpful? What speaks to your concept, your client, and your audience? Use appropriate letterform anatomy and vocabulary.
Sketch! Work towards a lettermark that reflects the visual culture of Gainesville, the unique properties of your imaginary business, and the attributes valued by your niche audience. 
Continue to explore, ideate, sketch, revise, and refine ... over many iterations. Save all sketches; you'll turn them in with the finished project.
Once the lettermark is firmly established, choose a single typeface to combine with the hand-made lettermark.
Typeset the business name in the chosen face.
Place the typeset name in relation to the lettermark.
Add color - solutions must work in b/w and color. 
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