Project Youthbuild Social Media Campaign
Design a social media campaign for Project Youthbuild to increase their visibility through a co-design process.
Working collaboratively with Project YouthBuild's students and staff to find their needs and a visual solution to share on social media.
Respectful Dialogues
PYB and MxD partners define needs and agree on mutually beneficial goals for the project, a new social media campaign for PYB. Workshops, interviews, and informal conversations inform the ongoing process.
Multi-vocal Research
MxD students embrace an intensive research process that centers PYB community goals. This includes observations at PYB; interviews with students, graduates, and staff; literature reviews embracing academic, professional, and informal sources; and ongoing dialogues. The research process leverages design as a research strategy.
MxD students analyze, brainstorm, ideate, iterate, and prototype in response to PYB stories. Ongoing dialogues with PYB students and staff keep this process grounded in mutual goals for the project, informed by PYB’s core values.
PYB’s new social media campaign, co-designed with MxD students, centers PYB student voices. Dequania Cohens (PYB fall 2020 graduate, below) continues pursuing her goal of becoming a nurse practitioner. By sharing her story, Dequania builds her achievements into the larger PYB narrative and shares her hopeful, future-facing actions with new PYB cohorts.
Social media campaign
Real stories from PYB grads center the MxD solution in student voices, activating individual successes as tools for co-designing community-wide equitable futures. Visualizing how PYB students flourish offers evidence of change for past and future students and for donors, volunteers, and staff.
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