Global Freedom Poster: A Semiotic Analysis

Samira Shiridevich, University of Florida
Freedom has always been a concern for people all around the world. Conscience and freedom are confined within individuals in many countries and levels. Graphic design can play a significant role in broadening people’s horizons regarding freedom. Many visual experiences have been designed to show different dimensions of freedom and help people, especially ones who suffer more from lacking the freedom to know more about their rights. This article aims to do a semiotic analysis on freedom posters in terms of body, marriage, and sex, which have been designed in different countries with different cultures. Six visual Samples are collected based on their differences in using visual language in showing freedom in body, marriage, and sex. I chose to work on the body, sex, and marriage because many countries have these problems, but in more cases is forbidden to talk about them. The result can apply to the next visual experiences related to freedom and other topics that aim to raise people’s awareness and help to make changes on a larger scale.
 Keyboard: freedom, posters, visual experiences, campaign, semiotic.
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